Architect on foreign Soil

What is Architect FS?

Architect FS is SurvivorGames brand new title. The game takes place in its own universe, where the environment and the nature shine in beauty. The players rules a colony that lives on a planet of this universe, a planet on which a lot of riches can be found. Explore through the unique biomes, discover new technologies and colonize the whole planet using each colonists special abilities and stats. Each time you expand, the area around your tribe/city/empire turns black and white changing the bio-system in the area.

But maybe you are that type of player, who enjoys co-existing with the nature. In Architect FS everything is possible. You play by your own rules. Build your empire or live in cottages, discover new substances and advance or remain in stone age for the entire game. There is no "to do" in Architect on foreign soil, it is just you and the bio-system around you that tries to defend itself.

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SurvivorGames, who we are

SurvivorGames is the result of two teenagers wishing to develop games, two teenagers who started walking this road two years ago and learned everything by themselves. YouTube tutorials and experience brought them where they are now.

We are very proud of our games. Each and every one of them has a piece of what "SurvivorGames" is about. A small firm, located in Romania, for which game development is air. We do not make games for profit or advertising, we never did. It's all about the fun of making it and delivering the best product you can to the players. Our goal is to receive criticism and improve, our goal is to make art.

Hi ! My name is Mihnea Stoica and I am the artist. 2D, 3D, animations, level design and game concept; all these things are very familiar to me. I am one of the founders of SurvivorGames and I can say I am very proud being part of it. Games have always been a part of me so I wandered why not start making them by myself? Here I am two years later struggling to create the most complex game by now alled "Architect FS". Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do :D

I'm Ariesanu Stephan-Alexander , nice to meet you. I'm the developer (aka programmer) of SurvivorGames. I do everything from actual game development, to building webpages(like this one), to setting up analytics services, to anything else thats related to programming. As a founding member of SG I am very proud of our small game studio and I can't wait to see how ArchitectFS, and this whole company, will evolve. I hope you'll have fun playing our games.

Press Kit

Name: Architect of foreign Soil
Architect FS
State: Pre-Alpha
Platform: Windows
possibly Linux and MacOS
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA
Development begun: October 2015
Languages: English
Country: Romania
Devs: SurvivorGames:
Stoica Mihnea (Art)
Arieșanu Stephan (Code)

Matthew Harnage (Audio)

Game description

In a world, so akin to ours and yet, in some regards, very different, a bizarre phenomenon occurs. Not only does life appear, but some life-forms even start behaving like creators, building homes, societies, relations and religions. These architects, as they like to be called, have quickly noticed their power to irreversibly change the shape of their world.

Afraid of such power and the destruction it can cause, but also fascinated by the posibilities it offers, they decided to place themselvs under divine guidance, both to be keept in check and make the most of their potntial. So they came to you, begging you to show them the way.

Will you live up to this daunting task or will you turn your back on these hardworking and proud people like so many did before you?


  • RTS-Style resource gathering unit management and combat
  • Each unit has unique stats and traits which influence how good they will be at certain jobs. As they work their skill increases
  • Time passes, units age, seasons change
  • A strong emphasis on the environment and the various ways the player can affect the ecosystems
  • City building elements

Gallery (download .zip)